Our beliefs create our

What are your beliefs?

Where do they come from?

From you?

Don´t think so . . .

Most of our beliefs are
created from others.

Most of our beliefs are
created with limitations.

Most of our beliefs keeps
us captured in an illusion of what we are.

Most of our beliefs are
manmade, created from humans with limited understanding of our
capacity as Divine Beings with NO limitations at all.

We believe we are what we
are told.

That is the cause of the
separation from the spark of Divine/God within ourselves as creators
with free will.

When we wake up to the
truth of who we really are our new beliefs can create a whole new
reality for us in an instant.

When we realize that we
are in control of everything we can create a healthy relation to
ourselves without lack of anything. It is only our believe in lack
that creates lack.

It is only our belief in
aging and dying that creates it.

Disease is the cause of a
non loving relation to ourselves and the lack of understanding that
our bodies are responding to our believes about ourselves.

If we have a belief that
we don´t have anything to do with how our bodies are functioning we
have created a separation from ourselves because we are our bodies as
spirits in human form.

We are the only ones that
can cure these diseases because we are the ones that created them. If
we can create disease we can also heal it.

The relation to ourselves
are mirrored to us from outside ourselves by our surroundings. If we
have lack of Love to ourselves this is what´s going to be reflected
on us. With lack of Love within us our vibration is low and this is going to create a reality of low vibration around us.

When we start to work with
our limited beliefs we can raise our vibration and create a more
healthy relation to ourselves and at the same time a healthier body
and attract more healthier realtions with others at the same time.

We are the commanders of
our ship.

We can command anything!

We can command our cells
to rejuvenate and regenerate instead of become obsolete.

Just think of it.

If you are not in command
of your own destiny, of your body, of your reality. Who are???

We all have beliefs. We
all believe in something. There´s nothing right or wrong in any
belief. It´s only a matter of what truth serves you best.

Do you want to have
beliefs created from others, that make you feel small, non worthy
and full of shame?

Or do you want to have
believes that serves you and at the same time the whole?

Do you want your happiness
to be ruled by conditions? Or not?

Do you want to follow a
leader that tells you what you should believe or are you capable of
creating your own beliefs?

Oh yes! Religions come in
here, but also all other belief systems we are put into in our human
experience. Including parents, school, society, politicians that all
are telling you what you should believe or not.

So, take command over your believes and live the life you believe is possible. Don´t buy into the belief that others know more and have a better understanding than you. Trust your ability in creating your own beliefs without limitations.