Guilt is always the cause of us not
feeling worthy. It´s the cause of us not value ourselves as worthy.
Guilt keeps us from seeing ourselves as innocent and always create an
empty space inside of not being good enough. From guilt we can never
create the lives for us that we really want to live. Guilt keeps us
from seeing what is possible and always has limitations and negative
believes of who we are and are capable of being. Guilt lives within
us feeding of our lifeforce energy. Guilt can be inherited from
our ancestral lineage and carried along through us as a vehicle for
its continuing existence. Guilt is a burden we carry that keeps us
living in suffering and pain. It helps us in not being seen and
appreciated for who we really are and from being treated with honor
and respect because we are not able to do so for ourselves.

Guilt is the most powerful way for us
to not live in our true potential. It keeps us from being and living
as the sovereign beings we really are. It keeps us with a feeling of
always being in debt to someone or something and with a duty to pay
back so we can see ourselves as worthy again. It keeps us from seeing
our own value from within. It makes us feeling unsecure living in
this world. It puts us in situations where we will be taken
for granted and not appeciated for what we do and who we are.
Because of us not being honest to our own worth we are going to be
accused by others or not being honest to them.

Guilt is always going to help us
believe that someone are after us, and that´s the reality we are
going to experience from this point of view. Guilt has nothing to do
with who we really are. As long as we keep guilt within us we are
committing suicide towards ourselves inch by inch. Guilt eats us up
from inside and will do so until we decide for ourselves that we not
are going to feed it anymore. Guilt doesn´t belong to us. It´s just
a belief system and a programming that runs in our mind controlling
us. Do we really want this program to be in control?

Wouldnt it be better to end this
program running for good and have another one that áre runned
by our higher selves? A program that honors us and wants the best for
us? A program that feeds us instead of starving us? As sovereign
beings we have our full rights to do so. Wouldn´t it be intersting
to see what would happen? How our lives would be without any guilt?
How this world look like without any guilt? How would this
effect our relations without us holding the torch of guilt in
our hands? How would our society treat us? Wouldn´t it be intersting
to see what would happen? Wouldn´t it be an interesting experience?
Wouldn´t it feel wonderful to be the angel you really are. To spread
your wings again and to be free from this heavy weight that
keeps you from being the angel you really are? Let us free
ourselves from this burden now.

This is just an example of an
invocation you can do. Use it or make your own that resonates with
you. The most important is that it comes from your heart.


I cancel all agreements I´ve made with
myself and anyone else in any form or shape in this life, previous
lives, timelines and dimensions about me being guilty in any and all

I cancel the program running in my
mental awareness that has to do with making me feeling guilt.

I cancel all ancestral agreements
having to do with me carrying on their guilt through me. I
am not accepting this anymore.

I do not allow any guilt live and feed
off my lifeforce energy.

I command all guilt held inside of me
to be released from all my bodies.

I am clear, I am pure, I am innocent

I am sovereign, I am free

My commander in chief are my higher
self, my I am precence, and this is the voice I choose to listen to
from now on.

I ask my higher self to show me my

To help me understand how it feels. To
help me understand and feel my Divinity.

To guide me into how I can manifest and
live the life I want to live.

To help me know my worth and to
help me in always be loving and compassionate towards myself.

To help me forgive myself and alla
others and be able to love all my imperfections.

I am Love

And so it is!

Love and blessings Mia